Letter to the editor... No rest to this conspiracy

After reading the 9/11 article by Darius Mirshahi and a rebuttal in last weeks interrobang I felt compelled to respond. In reality we are looking at two people, one sitting on the left and one sitting on the right. Neither of them are 100% correct and neither of them are willing to consider that the other side has valid points about what happened on that fateful day 6 years ago.

I'll start with the enigmatic Mr. Mirshahi. I like his enthusiasm and that he stands up for what he believes in, but sometimes he makes outrageous claims. I, like many bewildered people believe that there is much more to the story of 9/11 than we will ever know, but I don't believe that everything from Loose Change and other home-made conspiracy films holds merit.

Loose Change does bring up valid arguments that the American “Liberal” media neglects to inform us about and that the U.S. government hides for “our own safety”. If you watch the footage of the World Trade Centers collapsing, you will see explosions 20 floors below the collapsing head of the building. Police and firefighters that were inside those buildings did hear secondary explosions. Is there a chance these explosions could have been caused by something inside the massive buildings? Sure. But there were no fuel powered generators or anything of the sort in that building, because that would go against building regulations. So what could have exploded after the initial fireball of jet fuel?

And of course there is World Trade Center 7. After all these commissions and investigations, they still have no official explanation as to why that building collapsed. Is it possible that the “seismic” shifting from the bigger towers caused it to fall? Maybe, but not likely. That building looked like a controlled demolition, no doubt about it.

But Loose Change and Darius take this thing way further. All these stories about unmanned airplanes, unmarked military helicopters, and gold heists are far too ridiculous.

As for the Pentagon, I fully believe that it was a planned cover-up. You look at the wreckage of that building, and there is absolutely no evidence that a jet-liner hit it. One giant hole accounts for the fuselage, but what about the jet engines and the wings? How could a Boeing 747 just disappear into a building like that? Then to appease us, the government releases 5 frames of a pentagon video showing a blurry object (that looks like an airplane) hitting the building. 5 FRAMES. There were probably countless highway camera's, store security camera's, and military camera's that caught it all on tape; but we'll never see those video's, again for “our own safety”.

Furthermore, Loose Change presents flashy animations and “official documents” to help support their many theories; but the truth of the matter is that is all they are providing; theories. That movie has claims that United Flight 93 disappeared into a Cleveland airport hanger and was never to be seen again. It claims that the owner of the World Trade Centre buildings intentionally took out a huge insurance policy just weeks before the attacks, so he could collect billions of dollars in settlements afterwards. It claims that half of the terrorists that high jacked those planes are still alive and well in the Middle East, and it also alleges that thousands of stock owners committed insider trading felonies in the days leading up to the event because they had inside information. When you watch these video's you have to take this into consideration. They bring up many valid points, but a lot of it is drivel. I'm sure most of the people reading this are far more opened minded than Mirshahi and Peter Solarik, and understand what I'm getting at. It is great that people are discussing it and thinking about it, but you can't believe everything you hear or see in an internet video.

As for Mr. Solarik, read the headline. A 500 word right wing rebuttal by a Fanshawe College Student does not put this conspiracy to rest. There is a grey area to this issue. And did you really say we should spend more time thinking about the Fleming Drive incident last week than the 9/11 massacre. Give me a break!

If there is something that irritates me more than a person who believes every fish tale they hear from that day, it is somebody who disregards all of the evidence and claims that there was no cover-up at all. It is absurd to state that we know all the facts, and that there is no way that some of the ideas generated by these video's and brought to interrobang and Fanshawe by Darius are worth considering.

Ask questions, discuss it with friends, and investigate for yourselves, but don't use local media sources to claim this is an open and shut case. The U.S. Government could have planned this 50 years ago in a secret Skull and Bones meeting, or it really could have been a group of oppressed extremists upset by Western ideals and values fighting for what they believe will free them from an over-confident country that has overstepped their bounds for decades.

Believe what you want to believe, but don't rule out the other side of the argument.

By Rory Biller
2nd Year Music Industry Arts

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