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USA welcomes RAW

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 10th, 2005

WWE moved to the USA Network last Monday night and because of the switch back to the old network, they decided to pack one hell of a show into a three hour timeslot. Did they succeed in delivering what they promised? Almost.

Mick Foley and Roddy Piper opened the show with mutual respect for each other until the Ortons came down to the ring, insulted both of them and then took them out. Is this foreshadowing a dual brand Survivor Series match?

The 30 minute Iron Man match between Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle had me glued to my seat. The action and the reversal spots were great but the ending, which ended in a tie, really disappointed me. After going at it for 30 minutes, does that mean we're going to see these two go at it again on RAW? Probably. They're one match a piece versus each other and the tie breaker has to come sooner than later. I'm still banking on Angle because he's still supposed to be doing a program with Cena up until Survivor Series.

A Stunner on VinceThe Stone Cold bit was too long. Yes, we remember all the good times Austin and McMahon have had and the people who really loved it own all the DVDs featuring these segments. So why go and waste 15 minutes of RAW time with this? It was neat to see Shane come down to the ring, but he (just like the rest of the family) went down too fast and oversold the stunner. How could all of the McMahons just lay there pretending to be knocked out for that long? Let's not forget about good old TSN edited out Stephanie and Linda getting stunned. Good old censorship!

The ladder match was great and probably my pick for match of the night. It sucks that Hardy is probably going over to the second rate Smackdown but at least both men can get on with other feuds. The ending was pretty good, too. Edge tied Hardy up in the ropes and had Lita hold him there with a scissor lock. Good thinking!

Did any of you actually buy into HHH coming out as a face? The beating HHH gave Ric Flair was probably one of the most bloody we've seen on cable TV. We'll find out what made HHH snap at Flair and cause him to beat Flair into a bloody pulp next week. Props to our favourite editor, John Said, for calling this program two months ago. BRAVO!

I like some T and A, but bra and panites match was dull, boring and full of botched spots. How can you believe that Torrie Wilson is embarrassed to be in her bra and panties when she posed NAKED in Playboy?

Bischoff turning off the lights just before the Smackdown match was hilarious. If you paid attention to the time, you knew this was coming, but to see it happen was just great. It was a great way to foreshadow the end of RAW where both RAW and Smackdown superstars beat the hell out of each other after a lackluster main event. Too bad RAW went off the air as soon as the Big Show got in the ring and the action was getting more intense.

Hogan is thinking about stepping into the ring with Austin. They're going to have to play this one out for a long time seeing how WrestleMania is still about six months away. People will really pay to see this match, if it will be a match at all considering Hogan's limited wrestling abilities. I'm looking forward to the trash talking and hopefully Austin will put Hogan in his place.

Overall, I think the three hour RAW homecoming show was successful. They still could have dropped some of the dead weight and shortened some of the interview segments to make it a two hour show, but I really shouldn't be complaining. It made me think about if I could actually watch a three hour RAW every week. I still don't have an answer for that. Could you write to the Interrobang or myself and we'll see if we can get some answers from you wrestling fans.

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