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Fanshawe teams up with Yahoo! Canada

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | News | October 1st, 2007

Fanshawe's the first college or university to partner with the popular search engine

Some of Fanshawe's marketing students are going to be gaining invaluable industry experience through a partnership between the college and Yahoo! Canada.

The partnership, which is the first between a Canadian college or university and the online search behemoth, will affect 76 third-year students in the Business Administration Marketing and Marketing Management programs. The students will have the opportunity to team up with one of the international businesses in a Yahoo! funded Search Engine Marketing project.

“Yahoo! Canada has agreed to give each of my students' a $100 voucher to run live Search Engine Marketing,” said Liz Gray, a professor in the School of Business and Management. “This means they get real, hands-on experience running a Search Engine Marketing campaign.”

The list of 37 international clients includes 3M, GoodLife Fitness and Museum London.

“Each student in a team of two is partnered with a live client from the industry,” explained Gray. “They are responsible for researching a keyword list and writing advertising that will run live on the Internet in November for their client.”

Yahoo! Canada approached Gray regarding the project after having heard her speak on the topic of Search Engine Marketing at 3M. According to Gray, this won't be a one-year deal between the college and Yahoo!, and she's hoping that it will become a long-term partnership.

“There's no indication that it will be a one-shot partnership, “ said Gray. “It's my understanding that we'll be able to continue in the future.”
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