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Opinion | October 1st, 2007

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Who's that girl?
This is my first year in college and at first I thought I would be so scared and so intimidated, but there's one thing that changed all that. THE WELCOME KIOSK girl... I need to know her name? Is there any way of finding out?

She was so nice and even walked me to my one class on her lunch. She told me stories that made me feel more comfortable about going to school. I can't believe she would spend her lunch walking me to my class from F Building to T Building (yeah, long walk for those of you that haven't walked it... it takes about 10 minutes). I can't stop thinking about this girl.

She told me she was involved with last year's student committee or council or something like that. I'm sure any man in their right mind would agree with me when I say, looks do matter and personality comes second... but with this girl, she just had it all! For that 10-15 minute walk I had with her, I was able to find out how funny, smart, sporty, kind and beautiful she really is inside and out!

What I really want to find out is where she is now? I walk by the Welcome Kiosk every day just to see her. but I haven't been able to catch her there? Is there any way I can find out if she still works here?

I'm not trying to stalk her or anything I just think she's sweet and yes I am trying to find her because she is also HOT! If there's anyone that's reading this and can tell me who this girl is, please reply and write to the editor. You would definitely make my day actually my year! Help me Fanshawe!
Lost Man

Students in seductive clothing
This is my second semester at Fanshawe and I have noticed an interesting phenomenon during my time here. I was not aware that the campus had a nightclub during class hours. To be perfectly honest, I would not have known if I had not seen countless female students around campus dressed accordingly.

What is the deal with female students dressing as though they were heading off to the MTV music awards instead of heading off to class? I sat in the LLS office waiting to make a class change, when in walks several female students with short dresses, high heels and their hair and makeup done as though “right now” was the time to do that.

Don't get me wrong; I am not an old man that doesn't appreciate the female form any longer. Nor am I a man who believes in telling people what they can and cannot wear. I am a man, however, that thinks that females put too much emphasis on their appearance for things such as going to class. It seems a bit unnecessary to dress up for class...just one man's opinion.
Rodger Moran
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