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If you give it they will come

Jon Hillis | VP Athletics | Opinion | October 8th, 2007

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Over the past couple years Fanshawe's fan support for athletics has been pathetic at best. Why is this do you ask? Could it be that our teams don't win games? Could it be that students just don't have enough time? Or is that they just don't have a good reason to go out to a game? Well I know that our teams do win games, look at last years results.

Badminton: Won GOLD at Provincials last year

Women's Basketball: Finished third in the West Division out of seven teams

Men's Basketball: Won GOLD at Provincials last year

Cross Country: Men's team won SILVER last year

Golf: Won BRONZE last year at provincials

Women's Soccer: Finished fourth at provincials

Men's Soccer: Lost in a quarter final game for provincials last year

Women's Volleyball: Lost in a playoff game for provincials last year

Men's Volleyball: Won BRONZE at provincials last year

Overall Fanshawe produced four - GOLD medals, one SILVER medal and two BRONZE medals. So, we know it's not that our teams don't win, because our Athletics program is the best in the province.

Students may say they don't have enough time to come out to games due to homework and what not. This may be true, but I don't think this excuse can be used over and over because we have, in total, 52 home games this year, meaning students could make at least a couple.

There is also a chance that there is an athlete in your class that plays on a team, so you can go and cheer on a classmate. We also have the Mighty Falcon Dance team that perform at intermissions, and let me tell you they are not only great dancers, but they are great eye candy for all you gents out there. So if you want to just come to the game to see some good looking ladies Fanshawe has it.

Some people might feel that winning is not enough for them to come out to a game. Well I have news for you; we have things to give away this year. For example we are giving away a trip for two to Montreal for New Years and a trip for two to Panama City Beach for Spring Break. We are also giving away London Knights Tickets and gym memberships. If you want to win a free trip you can come to every home game and fill out a ballot to increase your chances of winning. Now who doesn't want to get away from home and the freezing cold and go to Panama City Beach for free?

There are no excuses anymore for students not to come out to games. We have great teams that win every year, we have a hot dance team and you can win stuff at games. Come out and support your teams, if you want to see certain things given away at games contact me, Jon Hillis - VP of Athletics and I will try and get it for you so you will be at our games.

Fanshawe College is a family, I know everyone has a brother, cousin or parent who they have gone and watched play a sport. Why don't you support your Fanshawe brothers and sisters?
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