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Tips to get you through turkey time

Domenic Ierullo | Interrobang | Opinion | October 8th, 2007

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Don't brag about your best beer pong incident to family.

Thanksgiving, the time of year where many years ago some dudes came and did something important that changed history and- oh what do you care? All you really want is some turkey! And that's the beauty of Thanksgiving.

It's a holiday that nobody really knows the true meaning of. It's more of an excuse to get a day off of work and school and fill up on stuffing. For a few of us, it will be the first time going home since the start of the school year. For others, it will be the first time you see that uncle who wants to hear how your school year's been going. And believe me, he won't be the only one who wants to know.

You need to be very selective when sharing your college stories. Remember, these are your relatives, not the kids you've been partying with for the past month. So when your Uncle Doug asks you how the college life is, don't respond with, “It's totally insane dude, last week I beat my old record and funneled three beers in one breath!” If he wanted to hear something like that, he would be at home watching the movie Old School.

Instead, talk about how it's been pretty tough but you've been managing to the best of your ability. Tell them about how you're having a fun time and you've met lots of new, responsible friends.

Even better, brag about that easy 95 per cent you got like it was a major project. You don't have to lie to your relatives, you just don't tell them the irresponsible stuff you've been doing every night since your first time in residence.

So go home, gain a few pounds, tell a few stories and see you when back in class next week!
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