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Opinion | October 8th, 2007

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I am writing this message furiously! I am a second year student and got to experience last year's student council and this year's... and so far I have to admit that this year's student VP's SUCK! I don't even know who they are or any information about them... Oh wait, actually I did see them in the Shack during lunch hour drinking (yes, alcohol). And I truly hope that it's not student's money they're spending to get drunk off of.

Last year's council seemed so much more involved and so much more out there. I mean I actually enjoyed their newspaper articles and activities. But this year it seems like it's all about themselves and not really about the students. I have a huge class and so many of them agree that there hasn't been much student and student leader interaction lately. Where the heck are our student leaders?

I hope everyone reads this and I have so many complaints to talk to the “President” about.

Shinerama? I didn't even know it was really on. All I saw was posters and last year students from my program were asked to be involved and actually go around the school to look for donations, this year they seemed like they were all just gathered around Forwell Hall talking.

Next complaint: The Student President is never in his office. Every time I tried to talk to him, the secretary would say, “He's not in right now, would you like to leave a message?” Yeah I have a message for you Mr. President... GET TO WORK and DO YOUR DAMN JOB!

As a Fanshawe student, I thought we would be striving to be better than other college and actually get involved with students but for some reason I am (and others) not feeling this year's council. I'm happy to see that there are people running for SAC and very excited to see who wins, but I just really hope that we will get students that will actually try and make a difference and better our student life in Fanshawe.

I know I'm not alone, so when you happen to see a VP around can you please ask them “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEEEEEEEN?”

Mr. concerned yet annoyed
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