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Go Green in London this election

Selena Flood | Interrobang | Opinion | October 8th, 2007

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Platforms have been released, campaigns are well under way and less than one week left until Election Day. The Green Party of Ontario has persisted for almost two decades and hopes this will be the election that wins them a say in the next Provincial Government.

GPO leader, Frank de Jong recently made a visit to the Fanshawe Campus, taking time to be interviewed at The X-FM, and sitting down with a group of students to discuss the Green Party values. Discussion ranged from lower tuition costs for students, to “True Cost Economics” by taxing polluters, while alleviating taxes on personal income for working families.

London-Fanshawe candidate Daniel O'Neail chose to run in this election after getting to know Elizabeth May while she campaigned in the London North-Centre riding for last year's by-election. It was an easy decision for him, feeling that politics was the best way to make a real difference for environmental and social justice issues.

O'Neail feels strongly about today's college and university students having a voice in the formation of the next Provincial Government, saying “The political decisions you make today, create the world you inherit tomorrow.”

Brett McKenzie is the candidate for London North-Centre and has both personal and political reasons for running in this campaign. Creating a better world for his new baby girl is his strongest inspiration. In his campaign kick-off speech, McKenzie spoke with passion. “What if we could show them something that is effective, innovative, creative and just plain right?.”

Other candidates in the area include Gary Brown in London-West and Devin Kelly for Elgin-Middlesex-London. The Green Party will continue a strong campaign over last week of the campaign, spreading the message “Be real. Vote Green.”
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