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Les Miserables: Un beau preformance

Tegan Moss | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 8th, 2007

Presented by a collaboration of talented students from high schools across the London area these young artists gave a riveting performance of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. I would like to congratulate the many students involved in the project for their professional execution of this full-length musical.

The set design and costumes immediately draw the audience into early 19 century Paris. The transitions are simple and effective, creating ambiance without distracting from the performance. The array of costumes and roles played by the ensemble are impressive and excellently executed, if perhaps, a little too convincing in performance of “The Docks” and “The Innkeepers Song.”

Trevor Patt's leading role as Jean Valjean is delivered with a passion and strength I had not anticipated. Tessa Morris (Eponine) captivated the audience with her grace and enthusiasm. Similarly the talent displayed by Tamara Paolatto (Fantine) and Shauna Yarnell (Cosette) was astounding. Boldly stepping forward to take on the part of Marius, was Jordan Campbell, and while his delivery was at times unclear, his fervor carried the role.

Also deserving of commendation is the excellent performance of Genevieve Melito and Ben Lindley as the detestable duo Monsieur and Madame Thenardier. This pair adeptly brings greed to life. On a similar note, Colton Abel's stunning performance of investigator Javert, inspires the loathing and fear that could only be felt in the skillful embodiment of such a powerful character.

While the entire performance was delivered with a riveting zeal, it failed to capture the tragedy associated with the tale of Les Miserables. It was perhaps the sheer excitement emanating from the stage that distracted from the stories morbid subject.

In all, the students' rendition of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables was a success. It greatly surpassed my expectations. Four out of Five stars.
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