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Around the Ring: Compelling programs would drive PPV buys higher

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 22nd, 2007

Well, TNA's Bound for Glory PPV came and went and although I was a huge mark for TNA's PPVs last year, I haven't ordered very many of them at all this year and Bound for Glory was no different.

The card looked decent, but not good enough to part with my money. I mean, if this is THEIR “Wrestlemania,” they have to do way better than the card they promoted. Yes, Sting vs. Angle was supposedly a good match, but they didn't pump it up enough for me. I didn't buy the whole Sting hits Angle's wife story. Actually, I found it ridiculous.

I'm sure the TNA roster put on a fantastic show and I'll probably give it a watch when I can get a hold of a copy, but with the WWE and TNA putting on so many PPVs a year, I have to start being frugal for my own sake as well as letting the companies know that unless they're going to put on truly stellar shows and expect me to pay for them from now on, you better give me compelling TV and storylines to make it worth it.

Raw was decent for the most part once again this week. It's just too bad that instead of getting a really good run of building stories for the Survivor Series PPV, we're getting Raw programs that are commercials to set up another PPV in the form of Cyber Sunday. If you actually think that your vote counts, then you probably think that wrestling is real. This PPV has never served any purpose. Storylines are never started or concluded and the PPV is just a $40 gimmick cash grab. I'll cross my fingers and hope that this is just a small mistake on the road to Survivor Series.

As of the time of writing this, on's, there are plans to have Smackdown and ECW superstars able to wrestle on each other's programs. Is this a sign that the ECW brand will be dropped when WWE's contract with Sci-Fi runs out or is this just co-brand marketing that will help expand both programs and the wrestlers that appear on each? I'm thinking it's the former. I won't miss the ECW program anyway; it was never the same since it came back, especially without the blood, violence and Paul Heyman.

Another head-scratcher comes with the quiet release of Booker T and Sharmel. The wrestling community knew something was up, but I still can't believe they let Booker go. Hopefully Booker will finally go back to kicking ass over in TNA land and we won't have to ever hear Booker's “royal” accent again.

If you care, Davari also got released. Poor guy...he's tried so hard.
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