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Vintage kid's shows revisited in all their website glory

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | October 17th, 2005

A hoi-hoi, people! I'm back with some more fun web antics. Here are some more sites that I've found or have been referred to. If you have any suggestions for some sites for me to check out and list here in the paper, let me know!

Outrageous Commercials ( — If you know me, you know that one of the things I hate the most is a bad TV commercial. I can't stand anything McCain does (I want a job there ‘cause I'll turn things around). On this site, you can look at some of the worst or most outrageous commercials ever made. While everyone's personal loathes aren't featured, it's good for some nostalgia and laughs.

Wilo the Wisp ( — Does anyone else remember this show?

Dr. Snuggles ( — How about THIS show?

The Barbapapas ( — While I'm on old TV shows, I'll throw this link, too. There are better Barbapapas sites out there, but this pic will take you back!

The New Zoo Review ( — Another classic! If you've never seen it, I pity your childhood. You can even get this show on DVD now…YES!

The Great Space Coaster ( — I can't find a better site on this old TV show. If anyone knows one, please email me. I really want to get my hands on those “La Lina” cartoons that aired during this show!!!

Dr. Who ( — Science Fiction fans should rejoice. This site is one of the most comprehensive Dr. Who sites I've ever seen. Personally, I love the Tom Baker episodes and the Peter Davidson ones are a close second. If you don't have digital cable and the BBC Kids channel (like me) this site will give you your Dr. Who fix.

There you have it. Some old TV shows and other crap to keep you occupied when you're not looking up porn or other weird fetishes on the net.

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