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Fanshawe raises funds for United Way

Margaret Sheridan | Interrobang | News | February 4th, 2008

Fanshawe staff and students came together to raise money for the United Way, more than reaching their goal for this year.

The fundraising, which included luncheons, a donation from athletic event gate fees and canvassing of employees, alumni and students, managed to raise $61,165 for the charitable organization, which amounted to a 21 per cent increase over last years drive.

“There is no higher calling than helping your fellow human beings and improving their lives,” said Fanshawe's president, Dr. Howard Rundle, during the cheque presentation. “The United Way identifies the distinct needs in our community and has a crucial impact on the quality of life of people who are alone, unsupported, struggling and in need.”

“I don't think people really appreciate the way Fanshawe has engaged in support of the community in the last number of years in London,” said Bob Adams, the CEO of United Way of London and Middlesex. “The college is such a light in the community and I think that's something we should definitely celebrate.”

The partnership with United Way was formed so that the college would be able donate to local charities without picking and choosing as the United Way operates as a middle-man, distributing donations based on what those people donating are hoping to help. So Rundle believes the United Way was a natural choice for the college to invest their time fundraising for, based on that as well as the fact that it serves the London community first and foremost.

“If you live in London, earn a good living, live in a nice neighbourhood, you may not think that there are people struggling but there are,” explained Rundle. “And the support that the United Way can give can actually turn peoples lives around, and I like that because we do that at Fanshawe College too.

“We have people who come here who could never go anywhere else for post-secondary education, who have no chance to get a decent job and we give them the skills to turn their lives around.”

This years' contribution has brought Fanshawe's donation total to over $415,000 since the two organizations started collaborating in 1992. The past five years, according to Rundle, have seen the amount raised increase dramatically thanks to the generosity of both staff and students at the college.
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