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Advice from your leader

Travis Mazereeuw | FSU President | Opinion | February 4th, 2008

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Hello my fellow peeps, word up to the hood with the money fresh. That was my attempt at sounding hip and “with it”.

So how are you doing? Actually don't answer that question right now because I won't be able to hear you.

The past few months have been quiet around here and that can only mean a lot of things. It could mean that my hearing is going or that people have lowered their voices, however the main reason it's quiet around here is because I haven't heard anything from the students (that's you) in a long while.

Sure I get a couple emails a day with some questions and I love to answer them. It seems though that this is a good year for student satisfaction. You could chalk that up to my stellar ability to please everyone or it could be the students (that's you) aren't speaking up when they might need to.

Now, both may not even be true, but the only one I want to know about is if you (the student) are doing all right? It's my job and duty to ensure that Fanshawe is not only the best place for an education, but that it's also the coolest, most-awesome, sweetest, kick-teeth place to be. That doesn't mean just entertainment events and all that other amazing stuff we do, but to be sure you are content with all you do. This is the platform for your future, so make sure you aren't going to look back and say, “golly gee, I shouldn't (or should have) done that.”

Here at the FSU we sometimes sit and think about how we can make things right, make things better and even unique. I am a firm believer in a philosophy that I thought up; “Knowledge is unexpected.” Thought it up all by myself, but you can use it if you like. What it means is that the only true knowledge you can learn from are the things you know nothing about. See if you already knew them or expected them, then you wouldn't be gaining anything, you would just be reiterating the same old. This goes for all knowledge, not just what you learn in the classroom or from a friend, but from what you can teach yourself.

I guess what I'm trying to say is don't wake up in the morning and dread the day because you feel like you've lived it before. Don't wake up and sigh because you have to go to class. Wake up and know that each day is a chance to find out more: More about yourself, more about others and more about your daily life. But most of all, it's a chance to learn. Don't expect life to happen, let life happen.

I will leave you with this question:

How cool would it be if all the dinosaurs still lived on this planet? I think it would be pretty sweet.
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