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Pete's Links: Online entertainment

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | May 14th, 2008

Why spend your spare time outside in the nice weather getting exercise and fresh air when you could stay inside in the dark, eating salted snack treats and play on the Internet instead? That's what I thought.

Portable NES system
This is one of the coolest things. I used to dream about a device like this when I was a kid: a device that's not too large but can play actual (old school for many of you) NES carts! I'm waiting on spending the money on EBay to get one because if I can't find an official site for this company, I'm kind of leery. Some people are also arguing this device will only play old Famicom carts (the Japanese versions of our NES carts). If ANYONE grabs one or finds more info, send me a message!

Schwartzenegger soundboard
Have lots of fun this summer by pranking the ones that you love with calls featuring the Governor of California! My favourites are still the clips taken from Kindergarten Cop.

Commodore 64 HEAVEN
Someone pinch me, please! With the news that Commodore 64 games were headed to the Wii's Virtual Console, I was so psyched to hunt for the treasures that I played as a kid. I found out that the C64 games aren't headed to North American soil for awhile (if ever), but this site helped calm my anger. Browse practically any C64 game that has been released, see screen shots and perhaps experience them once again once you read all the legal mumbo jumbo. If you've never experienced the simple joys that these old school games provided, this summer is the best time to get hit with the nostalgia bug.
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