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Around the Ring: Summerslam delivers in a big way

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | August 25th, 2008

It's been a great summer of action from both WWE and TNA. We've seen the mystery surrounding whether Sting is a heel or a face, Mike Adamle become the GM of Raw, CM Punk capture the title and lots more! I'd hit all these issues but because they'll come up again during the next couple of weeks, I'm just gonna give the results of Summerslam and give my two cents on the matches.

Jeff Hardy vs. MVP
This was a nice start to the show. The match had a good mix of holds and counters but in the end, thanks to the interference of Shelton Benjamin, MVP picked up the win. The ending was blamed on Jeff Hardy's “recklessness” (Tazz and JR wouldn't stop talking about it throughout the match to practically give away the ending). Look for a three way dance for the US Championship at Unforgiven.

Kofi Kingston & Mickie James vs. Santino Morella and Beth Phoenix for the IC & Women's Titles
I love this storyline involving Santino and Beth (now known as Glammorella!). The wrestling in this match was actually pretty good and Santino's comedy made the match even better. Glammorella ended up winning the titles and walked away together in true comedic fashion. Let's hope this feud AND relationship stays fresh and goes on for longer.

HBK's Promo
Good old HBK had all the women crying as he was announcing to the fans that he was listening to the Doctor's orders and walking away. Jericho then made his way to the ring and made an awesome speech and demanded that HBK admit he was leaving WWE because of the damage he inflicted on HBK. HBK gave some lame response and started moving away. As HBK turned his back, Jericho went to sucker punch him and HBK accidentally moved his wife into the receiving end of one hell of a punch. HBK looked more pissed than ever before as he held his wife in the ring while Jericho moved slowly to the dressing room with a look of concern on his face. This was an excellent promo between the two and I can see these two headlining the next PPV. Two little thoughts:
1. For someone who got knocked in the face pretty good, I can't believe HBK spent most of the time squishing her face into his and putting his hands all over where she got hit.
2. I can't believe one of the fans yelled out “she was asking for it.” If you had surround sound cranked, it was clear as day.

Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy for the ECW Title
Not saying too much here. The match didn't happen due to outside interference. Hardy won by DQ. Dumb.

CM Punk vs. JBL for the World Title
CM Punk has earned my respect over the last little while. I still don't buy into his “straight edge” lifestyle, considering he tattoos his “temple” but he has been getting better on the mic and working with WWE veterans.

You could tell JBL was calling the contest, as it was obvious when the camera zoomed in anytime to his face. Punk didn't have too much offense during the match and even kicked out of the Clothesline from Hell! In the end, Punk hit his finisher out of the blue and covered JBL clean in the middle of the ring. Decent match!

HHH vs. The Great Khali match for the WWE Title
Ugh...HHH did his best to sell Khail's “moves” while the crowd chanted “you can't wrestle” throughout the whole thing. In true HHH form, he came back at the end and actually Pedigreed Khali (it looked REALLY bad). Pretty boring match and I have no idea what the booking committee thought by putting this in the second biggest PPV of the year.

Batista vs. John Cena
I wasn't sure what to expect in this match and I sure as hell couldn't have predicted a winner. These two actually play off of each other's moves well. The counters and comebacks were believable and it was really neat watching these two pull it together to kick out of each other's signature moves. In the end, with one hell of a Batista Bomb, Big Dave picked up the win. Don't think this is over, though. I see this one becoming a “best of” series and I would gladly pay to watch these two again!

Edge vs. The Undertaker in a Hell In A Cell match
This was the match that I think sold the PPV. Edge has been awesome at creating the psycho character over the past couple months and the look on his face as Taker made it to the ring made me anticipate this match even more.

This match was full of solid wrestling and calculated OMG spots. Edge spearing Taker through the cage and then through the announcer's table was gold. Taker came back and gave Edge a taste of his own medicine by giving him a Conchairto. As Taker picked up the win, he headed to the back but suddenly turned around and choke slammed Edge off of a ladder and straight through the matt. A couple seconds later, the hole Edge fell through became a pit of fire while JR yelled” the Undertaker has sent Edge straight to hell!” This was a solid match and a pretty good PPV overall and I'll definitely be watching the replay.
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