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Art stolen from classroom

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 15th, 2008

Imagine working hard on something that was not only your hobby, but also your true passion. And one day, just like that, the thing you worked effortlessly on is gone. What would you do?

A third year Fine Arts student at Fanshawe College, who wuld liek to remain anonymous, can only wish she could turn back time, and still be in possession of her fine art work.

Having spent nearly 100 hours on drawings over this past summer, it is a shame she is no longer the rightful owner of her own artwork.

Having set up her artwork in her studio, (M3010) here at Fanshawe during orientation week, the artwork was left for display and is now nowhere to be found.

“I was one of the few students who put up their art in the studio that day,” she said.

Having between eight to 10pieces of art on display, all went missing when she returned the following day.

The artwork was arranged nicely in the studio, and Chilvers wanted to showcase how hard she has worked during the summer months.

“I came back the next day and everything was gone and only my sketch book remained on the floor,” she explained.

During orientation week there were lots of students and parents walking in and out of the studio, and through the halls of Fanshawe.

The art student now wonders if perhaps someone thought it was left over from a student in the previous year, and decided to take it home as a keep sake.

The time and effort it took to create beautiful pieces over the summer were to be used as part of a bigger project. “I wanted to make a giant collage.”

“These were my personal sketches that were not intended to be used as part of a school project. It has been a difficult start in the semester, and it sure does put a damper on things,” she admitted.

“It happened now, early in the semester as opposed to the end of the semester. If you are not able to give them back, at least put them to good use.”

The artwork helped her become better prepared for this semester and if anyone has any information on the whereabouts of the pieces, feel free to drop them off at the Interrobang office located in the Student Centre, 1012, no questions asked.
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