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Student Success Week

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 22nd, 2008

Whether you're back at college or starting for the very first time, we can all experience a little difficulty getting ourselves adjusted.

College is intended at being a positive experience. It is a time to learn new things, and explore what exactly it is you would like to do with your future after graduation.

Student Success Week is designed to encourage students to drop by workshops during the week of September 22-26. The week long event will target seminars such as, “Working smarter, not harder”, “Thriving Off-campus”, and “Mastering your Stress.” Each presentation is unique and led by professionals who understand students' needs when transitioning into a new chapter in their lives.

The Student Success Fair will take place on Tuesday, September 23 and Wednesday, September 24 from 11 am-to-1 pm in F Corridor. The 20- Minute Success Workshops will be in full swing on Tuesday to Thursday from 11 am-to-1 pm in F1012.

The Student Success Centre, located in F2010, is the place where every student is encouraged to drop by while at Fanshawe.

The Centre offers a vast variety of programs, all aimed at making a students time at Fanshawe nothing less than successful.

Whether you are a mature student, a person with a disability or just need help with a little direction in your life, the centre offers counseling, peer tutoring and other helpful tactics to get everyone on the right track.

According to Manager Lois Wey of the Counseling and Student Centre, “many students come later in the semester rather than sooner. We encourage students to come in as soon as possible.”

Coming to get help with a particular problem or just needing someone to speak with about a life issue should be done at the moment you realize you need answers.

Do not leave things until the last minute, and get the appropriate help when you need it most.

Most services are offered free of charge to full-time students attending the college. If you require a peer tutor, there is a $15 one time fee for five / one hour sessions.

“Students are matched with peers who are currently in the same program or students who have recently completed the same course,” said Wey.

Peer tutors need to be in good standing and are given permission to the centre by their Professor in order to tutor a fellow student.

The centre's doors are opened to everyone.

We want to support student success at Fanshawe. Meet unique needs. Let us know what you need and we will try to steer you in the right direction,” added Wey. “We're helping students to successfully navigate their journey through college.”

If you have any question or concerns and want to find out more about the Centre, visit their website You can also find a full calendar of Student Success events on the site.
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