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Fleming parties become “unlawful”

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 29th, 2008

London's Project LEARN has completed its fourth week in and around the city.

And like the four weeks before, it was a busy one. As of Monday, September 22, Police have laid 1,118 Provincial Offence Act charges, 830 of which were students and 289 were non-students.

Of the 74 Criminal Code charges laid, 38 were students and 36 were non-students.

After the September 20 weekend, London Police had in excess 20 officers patrolling the area of Fleming Drive.

A large party was broken up when noise levels became unnecessarily loud and Police arrested six men, all students at Fanshawe College.

Brendon Walsh, 20, of Nixon, Adam Flood, 20, Tyler Closs, 20, Alexander Cameron, 19, Blake Hetherington, 21, Robert Gallo, 19 all of London are charged with unlawful assembly (legal term to describe a group of people with the mutual intent of deliberate disturbance of the peace).

Benjamin Radusin, 19 years of London, a non-student, is charged with causing a disturbance and possession of marijuana.

During the first three weeks of Project LEARN, almost twice as many charges have been laid as during the same period last year.
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