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Donation will help future students

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 29th, 2008

London's Boy's and Girl's club donate $500,000 for bursary

The Boys and Girls Club of London, Ontario is making incredible leaps when it comes to empowering young minds.

The Horizon Campaign and the M.A.P. (My Action Plan to education) program focus on helping young Club members in grade four through post-secondary to complete their high school education with hopes of meeting their career goals.

On Wednesday, September 24 M.A.P. member Don Smith announced they would be donating $500,000 towards a bursary fund at Fanshawe College with hopes of gearing students towards their desired careers.

“The program is starting with 30 eligible youth with high hopes of raising that number to 100 as the year unfolds,” said Chairman of Fanshawe College Foundation Bob Siskind. “Truthfully, we can almost expect an unlimited number at this point but more information will unfold as the year progresses.”

Fanshawe College has always been a great contributor in the London community, and it is for that reason they will be receiving this substantial amount.

The M.A.P. program has been in the works for nearly a year and is now making significant progress to what its original intentions were.

“Opportunity is everything. The College provides opportunity to those who had no real chance at attending a post secondary institution,” President of Fanshawe College Dr. Howard Rundle said. “This program is more than financial support. It is getting people to understand that they can in fact be successful.”

The bursary will assist youth in a tremendous way, making their life a little more special and worth trying harder for. Participants in the Boys and Girls Club of London are eligible for the bursary helping with aiding them in the right direction with their education.

According to Chairman of the M.A.P. program committee, Cecil Shewchuk, applicants must be a member of Boys and Girls Club in order to be eligible for a grant.

The M.A.P. program has numerous opportunities giving youth and their families' choices in which they can build and grow on.

“The M.A.P. program will inspire youth making them excel in all they choose to do in their lifetime. People discover they are capable of learning,” said Rundle.

The Boys and Girls Club of London is an establishment helping youth be all they can be with a little imaginative guidance.

Tutors and volunteers at the centre enable youth to make smart and practical choices that will better shape their future outside of the classroom.

The centre agrees that our future is in the hands of youth at present and believe kids should stay in school.

“People in our society that do not complete post-secondary put a damper in their future,” added Rundle. “There is a declining number of opportunity without an education.”

Chris Hood is a newly appointed M.A.P. Program Director in London stated that there is a “points system within the centre to how a decision might be made with choosing an eligible applicant for the program.”

“Youth have to also be in good academic standing,” said Hood.

“We look for at least 10 different factors when choosing the rightful candidate for a bursary. If kids are coming from developed environments or are in a financial bind than certain criteria is taken into consideration,” said Shewchuk.

The M.A.P. program aims at helping today's youth that come from all backgrounds.

Whether they are children from low-income families or under privileged kids who need a real opportunity, the centre is ideal for making life-changing decisions.

“We're helping students to successfully navigate their journey through college,” added Hood.

The provincial government will match funds; how much is going to be determined by the end of the year.
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