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Mmm beer.... and they are doing their part

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | September 29th, 2008

The times have changed and so is society's approach to the environment.

According to the Environment Success program of Ontario, higher collection rates through The Beer Store means more containers are being processed to their highest end use-saving both landfill space and reducing the amount of energy needed to create new products.

According to The Beer Store, which is co-owned by Labatt, Molson and Sleeman, the Ontario booze outlet has a success bottle return rate of approximately 95 per cent making the five-year contract plan a very successful one thus far.

“The beer container deposit return program is an ingrained part of people's behaviour since it has been part of The Beer Store since its establishment 80 years ago,” said Manager at The Beer Store Sara Taylor.

“The deposit works as the economic incentive but it is really more of a habit to bring your beer bottles back in the case you took them home in.”

The program is proving to be a successful one.

Some of the main points that Environment Success of Ontario wants its customers to understand are as follow:

- The deposit return program results in a higher rate of diversion from landfill than curb side collection

- More space is freed up in blue boxes helping municipalities recover other materials

- Nearly 200 million wine and spirit containers have already been diverted from landfill

- The program is on track for meeting all of its goals in the first year

- The Beer Store has a long-standing record of deposit return success and annually recovers 99 per cent of all standard beer containers sold in Ontario.

The Beer Store first opened its doors in 1927 going back 80 years.

Through their 80-years in business, The Beer Store has adopted new and innovative ways, which have ultimately made the Beer Store become a world leader in the alcohol industry.

The Beer Store thrives on producing products, which are recyclable and returnable. They supply the general public with industry-standard bottles and are 100 per cent committed to recovering all beer packaging.

With their innovative environmental success program aiming at improving our environment, this is a sure way to kick start a better tomorrow.

According to The Beer Store, they are proud of their 80-year history of social responsibility and environmental leadership including their bottle-deposit-return system and commitment to recover 100 per cent of beer packaging, as well as all wine and spirit containers through the new Ontario Deposit Return Program. They strive to become “the ultimate source for beer” and are working very hard to realize that goal.

Majority of Ontarians are doing their part. Are you?
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