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Around the Ring: A better week in the ring

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | September 29th, 2008

Well, it was another hit and miss week in the world of wrestling. Let's touch on the craziness!

I thought that TNA over hyped Mick Foley's first official appearance on Impact. I waited throughout the whole show (entertained by a stronger than average show) only to be treated to Foley making a 20 second (or so) promo from backstage C'mon, TNA! You paid money for him...let him make a (excuse the pun) impact!

Jeff Jarrett is back on TV. Now, I sympathize about him losing his wife to cancer and all the hardships, but I also like TNA when he isn't around. He was never main event material and now that he's back, I have to put up with him just like I have to put up with (ugh) Kip James all the time.

Smackdown was plagued by horrible backstage promos featuring Vickie and Co. and their feud with the Undertaker. I guess WWE thinks we're idiots by trying to sell us that the Undertaker was the cameraman in the back the whole night. What was the deal with the Undertaker's right arm appearing in the left corner of the screen? If you saw it, you'd slap your head like those guys in the V8 commercials.

Raw was a little better than last week, although I think last week's steel cage match was the best part of any wrestling show over the past two weeks. Chris Jericho started off the show giving his character even more heel heat by telling the truth. I think the majority of what Jericho speaks in his promo is from his heart (and I believe every word), so that is why his character is working so well lately. I wasn't sure that if I really wanted to watch HBK vs. Jericho part three, but after this week's promo, I'm interested again.

Another week and another stellar showing from Glamorella! Beth Phoenix is great in the ring (now) and her chemistry with the humorous Santino Marella is just gold. Is it wrong to hope that Marella's in-ring skills improve so he'll be around for a long time?

What's up with Randy Orton being on Raw so much? If he can't wrestle and back up his yappin' mouth or getting beaten for that STUPID angle involving CM Punk losing the belt, why should I listen to him week after week talking about how great he his. I like Raw when Orton isn't on it.

Next week: My thoughts on the upcoming TNA and WWE Pay Per Views.
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