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Chili packs heat for United Way

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | October 27th, 2008

Fanshawe College hosted its annual chili cook-off to jump start the 2008 United Way campaign on campus.

According to Karrie Burke a Communications Officer at Fanshawe College the United Way Campaign has high hopes of raising $65,000 this year.

“The chili cook-off has been a fundraiser sponsored by Chartwells for a number of years,” said Assistant Manager of Marketing and Communications Jeff Sage.

“In an effort to add excitement and get more people engaged the United Way committee decided to add some ‘spice' to this year's event by having a friendly competition involving not just Chartwells, but all other food service providers on campus-Chartwells, Hospitality services and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU).”

This year the chili was served in four areas across the campus, H-caf, B-Caf, FSU's Forwell Hall and Olive Oyles, which helped bump up the sales.

Judging the chili were President of the FSU Jon Hillis, A-Channel news Reporter Nick Paparella, Fanshawe College Vice-President, Student and Staff Services Cathie Auger and United Way of London & Middlesex Chief Executive Officer Bob Adams.

The contest was a great hit amongst students and judges who had a hard time deciding which should be granted number one chili of 2008 and awarded the annual trophy.

“Fanshawe Staff and students are the best! They really rally around a cause and in this economy the need to support the united way is even more important.

If you look at Shinerama our students bring in more dollars per capita than Western students. That says a lot about the character of our students,” Sage said.

According to Paparella, the decision to choose a favourite was an extremely hard choice to make.

Over all there had to be a winner, and by popular demand the annual trophy went to none other than Executive Chef of the FSU ‘Turbo.'

“It's awesome,” said Turbo when asked about how he felt about his victory while defeating fellow hospitality students and Chartwells.

“The chili took me six hours to make. I was unable to use all the spices I preferred due to their low demand in Canada, Turbo expalined. “There are four spices that need to be used when making chili, and I was only able to use one. I will have to get the other spices from Texas when it comes to competing in next year's chili cook-off. This gives me one year to perfect my chili.”

Following the cook-off, Hillis presented a cheque worth $250 for the United Way Campaign; along with money earned from chili sales at the college.

According to Hillis, “additional donations will be included for the campaign.”

Last year the United Way Campaign was successful in raising $61,000 for the fundraiser.

According to Sage this year's chili cook-off was a “monumental success because we raised almost three times the amount we raised last year. This year we raised almost $1,900.”

Sage added that the event was a success because staff and students more engaged for the cause. The chefs involved also ramped up the excitment by making the chili cook-off more competitve.

“The real winner of course is the United Way,” said Sage.

The college's next event for the United Way is the annual Stair Trek, on November 6, which challenges participants to climb to the top of One London Place.
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