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Colon doctors too raw for RAW

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | October 31st, 2005

Smackdown, oh Smackdown! Are you trying to get attention by having RAW superstars show up on your show? Shouldn't you have had more attention by having former RAW superstars on your show now like Chris Benoit, Christian and Randy Orton? Oh yeah, it's the writers fault for giving us a BORING show each and every week.

Matt Hardy showed up on Smackdown to nobody's surprise but they still could have had Matt cut a promo or show up with a big bang. Nope…he had to fight that jobber Simon Dean.

Finally Booker T wins some gold once again but he did it with a whole “I didn't see my wife/manager/whomever” cheat angle. Good god.

Do we really want to see Cowboy Bob Orton anymore? Who the hell decided that this guy should be back or be in the prestigious Hall of Fame anyway?

To close on the Smackdown commentary, Ken Kennedy SUCKS!

Vince McMahon and Nurse Slobber KnockersOver on the RAW side of things, the program last Monday was definitely one of the most raw in recent years. I'm not easily offended or disgusted but that whole segment featuring Vince McMahon being JR's ass doctor made me sick. Just when you thought it was over, they kept going….and going…and going. It was too long, too insulting and way too gross. We can't see a female wrestler take a bounce on TSN but they let us watch THIS? I didn't even want to see it. I guess the WWE “ATTITUDE” era is indeed being recycled.

Shawn Michaels beats both Kane and the Big Show in a triple threat match? I guess the WWE wants HBK on a roll so that fans vote him in on Taboo Tuesday.

I hate Coach's announcing skills, but I'll tell you, he did a good job on the mic when he was calling out Stone Cold Steve Austin. I actually bought into his tough persona…not physically, but I just thought that the WWE wanted people to see an aggressive side of The Coach. I guess we'll have to wait for this Monday's RAW and Taboo Tuesday to see if The Coach can back up his antics.

Edge's promo against the Smackdown superstars was both funny AND true. I want more!

Gregory Helms looks pissed off without the Hurricane persona. I can't wait until they let him shoot on the mic and become a full fledged heel.

Keep in mind that TNA Wrestling is now on Spike TV at 11pm on Saturdays. It's a crappy time slot, but tape it if you can. Stay tuned to for an announcement about a prime time TNA special. After reading the results of their last PPV on, I really wished I ordered the PPV. It sounded like one of the most exciting shows ever. Rhyno captured the World championship and will be teamed up with the newly named 3D or aka “Dudley Boys” for the next PPV main event. Should be good. Hope the WWE takes notice and Spike TV puts TNA in a better time slot.

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