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Male intruder enters homes near Fanshawe, UWO

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | December 1st, 2008

Over the past two months an intruder has entered unlocked homes to watch young women as they sleep in London.

The incidents are primarily occurring near Western University, but there has been one case on Thurman circle, near Fanshawe College, where a young, unidentified victim chased her intruder out of her home.

In the early hours of the morning on Sunday, November 16, two more incidents took place where the unidentified intruder entered two separate residences.

“There were two more incidents where a male entered a residence through an unlocked door this past weekend, same time of night 1-6 am and entered bedrooms of young women,” said Constable Amy Phillipo of London Police Services. “In both cases the female awoke and saw the male. At this time there are only vague descriptions and nothing detailed. In most cases the male was only seen as a silhouette.”

At this point, police are uncertain if one individual is responsible for all incidents.

Police do remain cautious as they continue investigating.

According to Phillipo, the male has only been found watching the females, and police do not know what his intent is. The police are asking persons to lock their doors. In each case the male entered through an unlocked door.

So far, none of the women have been touched, threatened or spoken to. But police are saying an incident of this nature can be very disturbing.

Phillipo is advising that all women lock their doors and windows. Women are to report any suspicious activity immediately to the Police.

“The officers in those areas are aware and will be patrolling those areas; detectives from the Sexual Assault Section continue to investigate also. Due to the nature and severity of the situation the detectives are investigating,” added Phillipo.
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