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Fond farwell for Darling, Fanshawe Ombuds

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | December 1st, 2008

Fanshawe's Ombudsman Ian Darling is leaving Fanshawe College.

A proud member of Fanshawe College for several years, Darling is entering a new chapter in his life.

“I have been an Ombudsman at the college for eight years, and have enjoyed working here (Fanshawe college). I have always felt that the college placed the interest of students at the forefront of its decision-making,” said Darling.

The job change will require a move to Toronto.

“I am leaving the college to establish the Office of the New Homebuyer Ombudsperson for Tarion Warranty Corporation…I will be dealing with complaints about the fairness of the warranty process. The job is in Toronto, so my family and I are looking to relocate.”

An Ombudsperson is a third party (mediator) that is at a college to provide confidential and fair assistance while resolving college-related issues, and aids individuals when dealing with complaints and conflicts that cannot be solved with traditional procedures.

The Ombudsperson is available to all members within the college community and is responsible for securing relationships that are confidential and free of judgment. All parties who wish to speak with an Ombudsman should be assured their information would stay private, unless otherwise specified by the individual filing the complaint.

Darling leaves Fanshawe College with a much different outlook, than when he first walked through the college doors.

“When I first started at the college, I did not appreciate the diverse and vibrant nature of college education,” said Darling. “I leave with a greater appreciation of the unique role of college education. In this job, I had the pleasure of dealing with the entire spectrum of students and employees at the college.”

The years Darling spent at Fanshawe College have had a huge impact on students and staff alike. Not only was he a respected member of the post-secondary institution, but also was very well liked and looked up to.

According to John Young, Operations Manager of the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU), Ian Darling was very well liked within the college and he was very successful in his job.

“Ian Darling knows policy procedures inside and out. He allows for students to advocate for themselves,” said Young.

Having an Ombudsman at Fanshawe has allowed for many students to gain knowledge and expertise when dealing with specific situations.

According to Young, Frances Bauer, a former r e t i r e d Ombudsperson at Western University has agreed to work part-time at Fanshawe for the remainder of the term. “The college will train a new Ombudsperson for the full-time April position,” Young stated.

In May 2004 Bauer received The Distinguished Service Award for her outstanding work as Ombudsperson.

Darling is remaining optimistic about his new endeavours while admitting it can be difficult to part ways with the past.

“I am still trying to find out where I am going to live in January…it is always difficult to leave a community I have been a part of for the last eight years. I do not have regret, as I am thankful for my time at the college, and the opportunity I was given eight years ago. I leave the college with many fond memories,” Darling said.

Faculty and staff of Fanshawe College wish Darling and his family all the best with their new awaited opportunities.
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