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Fanshawe mourns graduate

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 16th, 2009

The country mourns for a fallen solider and a Fanshawe graduate.

On Saturday, January 31, 25-year-old Sapper Sean Greenfield lost his life for his country in Afghanistan.

An improvised explosive device near Kandahar City killed Greenfield, while he was patrolling the area.

“It always is distressing when one or more of our Canadian soldiers forfeits his/her life for a cause our country supports,” said Howard Rundle, President of Fanshawe College. “This is made all the more real, however, when we have some connection to the individual. Sean is the first Canadian soldier to have died in Afghanistan who was also a Fanshawe graduate to my knowledge. Although I did not personally know him, I am told he was well respected while here at college. We can understand perhaps a little bit, the grief of his family since he was a part of the Fanshawe family. Our thoughts are with them at this time.”

Originally from Western Ontario, Greenfield along with his family moved to Petawawa some time ago.

As a graduate in Fine Arts within the Graphic Arts program at Fanshawe College, Greenfield excelled as a student of his craft and amongst his fellow classmates.

He was described by many of his past teachers as “the glue that held things together.”

According to Emily Marcoccia, Manager of Marketing and Communications at Fanshawe College, upon his graduation in 2005, Greenfield joined the Canadian Military, which had always been a goal of his.

Shortly after joining he was stationed in Afghanistan with the Royal Canadian Battle Group as a Sapper.

Tragically he became the 108th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan.

“Everyone who knew Sean (at Fanshawe) is extremely saddened, but very honoured to have been a part of his life,” said Marcoccia. “Even people who did not know him have called or written to express their condolences for his ultimate sacrifice.”

Marcoccia stated that one former classmate of Greenfield's wrote a note which read,

“It was my pleasure to know Sean and I count him amongst my friends. Word of his death has brought me much sorrow, as I am sure it has for many of my fellow Alumni. It was a privilege knowing Sean.”

Funeral Services for Sean were held on February 7, 2009.

The College and its Alumni Office will be discussing appropriate ways to honour Greenfield, beginning with an article in a future edition of the AlumniMagazine, which is sent to thousands of alumni around the world.
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