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Hare remembered as ‘a great guy'

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | February 16th, 2009

The search is over for a Fanshawe student who went missing shortly after midnight on February 6, 2009.

A passerby found the body of 20-year-old first-year Fanshawe student Jesse Loremo Hare on February 8, 2009 on Quebec Street at Salisbury Street near the CP tracks.

Hare was enrolled in the multi-media program at the college.

Police have stated that foul play is not a factor in this case, but the cause of death remains unknown.

Hare's professors remember the young man as a nice student who was always prepared for class.

Hare's friend and classmate David Kolodij, remembers him as “a great guy, who seemed to really enjoy life at Fanshawe. When we did talk it was always about what we thought of our program, what tests we had coming up and of course what we thought of our Professors.”

“I personally only had the pleasure of talking to Jesse a few times, on the bus or briefly after class. He seemed warm and caring, and maybe a little shy. I wish that I could have gotten to know him better. It's truly sad that it takes a tragedy like this to make you realize that the people around you may not be there forever, and that you should take every opportunity that you have to get to know them.”

Marketing and Communications, and the entire Fanshawe Community, would like to express their sympathy to all who knew Hare at this very difficult time.

The social networking site Facebook has a group dedicated in Hare's memory for friends and family to remember the young bright man by.

One quote from the formed group on Facebook reads:

“My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I can't say I know how you feel because everyone feels different when they lose someone; especially a twin. I have a twin and I couldn't imagine losing her...we still have our memories. Stay strong and remember he'll always be with you,” wrote Christine Marie Anderson, (friend).

Counseling and Student Life will be working to provide support.

Staff may also use the services of the EAP program and may contact Human Resources for any assistance.

A funeral service was held Friday February 13, 2009 at Central United Church in Sarnia.
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