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Fanshawe hosts badminton West Regionals

Rozin Abbas | Interrobang | Sports | February 16th, 2009

The West Badminton Regional's held at Fanshawe was a two-day event dominated by the Humber Hawks and the Seneca Sting.

Humber won the overall West Regional Finals with 40 points as they slipped by Seneca who scored 39 points.

Fanshawe placed fourth at the event with 11 points. The Falcons missed third place by only four points as the St. Claire Saints earned 15 points over to place third.

The Wong brothers, who play for Humber, dominated the men's singles division, as Raymond placed first and Mark placed third. Fanshawe's own Steve Ruddach earned fourth place overall while having a 4-1 record in pool A of the men's single. His only loss came to Humber standout Raymond Wong. Fanshawe's Kyle Pouliot finished sixth place within pool B in the men's singles.

While Humber took the top spot in the men's singles, it's Seneca's Amenze Obaisiagbon who finished first in the women's singles.

Julie Schell from St. Clair secured second place, while Jordanna Langhill from Humber took third place. Fanshawe's Mellisa Squires played in women's singles pool A and finished last place in her pool. In women's singles pool B, Fanshawe's Thanh Nguyen finished third place.

Fanshawe did manage to snag one podium position as Jordan Brooks and Julianne Clifford managed to place third overall in mixed doubles. Brooks and Clifford managed to beat Conestoga's Megan Hopkins and Dino Bajramovic, who finished first, but lost to second place finishers Sanjay Ashokkumar and Candy Fung from Seneca.

In men's doubles, Fanshawe's Jason Hauwert and Arthur Wong finished sixth. Humber's Charlie Lay and Alang Luangrath took the top spot while Simon Yip and Ben Wong from Centennial, and Allan Tran and Derik Jakola from Seneca finished second and third, respectively.

Last not but least, Fanshawe's Michelle Cogels and Meighan Clifford finished fourth in women's doubles. Rosanna U and Selina Koa from Humber finished first, while second and third went to Seneca's Ann Tran and Jessica Dacquel and St. Clair's Kristine Haemet and Tatiana Tuzlova, respectively.

Humber managed to take the top spot in three of the six divisions while Seneca managed to place at least third or better in every single division. The OCAA championships will be taking place at Georgian.
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