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Skeletor meets the Emulator on the links

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | November 7th, 2005

BAAAAAAAAAM! I am back to bring you even more crazy-assed websites. Two of these will hopefully make you either piss yourself laughing or question people's imaginations. Either way, check them out, ‘cause they're so much fun!

Skeletor and the Gang —
What the hell? Skeletor and his friends in a dance contest? I never would have imagined! If you want to see some crazy stuff, you better put aside about 20 minutes of your life and download all these crazy movies that feature Masters of the Universe figures doing some absurd things all to some sped up music that you might recognize. The more recent films are the better ones. I really enjoyed “Cooking with Grizzlor” and I hope you do, too!

Gobler Toys —
I'm a toy nut and I found this site hilarious. It features many different toys that have never been made. Most of the toys are absolutely insane but you'll want to own them. Check out my favourite of the bunch: SENIOR SANDWICH ( How can you not want a dressed up sandwhich that smells like real salami? Let's start a Net petition to get Senior Sandwich in stores for next holiday season! WHO'S WITH ME? Hmm…not too many people. Almost a year later after finding this site, and still no Senior Sandwich.

The Emulator Strikes Back -
Ok, this site ISN'T a funny site, but it is super cool. If any of you want to relive the magic of playing some of the classic Star Wars games from old systems (Super NES and Atari) then this site is for you. You have your pick of many vintage Star Wars games to download. Now remember, kids, you must own the original games to legally blah blah blah blah blah…ah, who gives a crap? Play these games NOW (especially the Super NES trilogy of games).

DVD Easter Eggs -
I don't know if I've ever mentioned this one (and I'm too lazy to go through my past articles) but if you're a DVD connoisseur, you'll definitely want to check out this site. Hell, if you're one of those people who buy a DVD and try for hours to be the first to find all the hidden stuff (that's usually not worth the time), you'll want to submit your findings. Make the most of you Super Limited Collectors 1/1000000000000 DVD and find the eggs, yo!
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