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Game Review: Tekken 5: Who's the boss?

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | November 7th, 2005

Yes, I know that Soul Caliber 3 has arrived, but I haven't had the chance to play it yet so I decided to take a look at one of the other fighters that have made an impact on the gaming world. Tekken Tag Tournament was the first game for the PS2 that I bought when I purchased the system during its initial first few weeks of availability. The game was easy to pick up but complicated to master; the fun that you can have when you played people who knew what they were doing could lead to some great times, but also painful bruises. Months of fun with the other Tekken games at parties was proof enough that I had to continue on with the series.

After spending a few months with the game, I have to say that I'm very impressed. Although I haven't played any Tekken games for about a year, the game was easy to pick up and get back into. My friends also found no trouble in picking up the game and learning the basics.

The graphics are equal or even surpass those of VF4 in some cases but still don't compete with DOA (or the upcoming DOA 4 for the Xbox 360). When you're so busy kicking butt, it's honestly hard to care. When you do sit on the sidelines and watch someone else play, you appreciate all the little details and animations that the developers put into the characters, their clothes and the breathtaking backgrounds. This is a very beautiful game indeed!

With fighting games, I usually put on a CD and rock out to my own tunes. Interestingly enough, for most of the weekend I left Tekken's music on and found that I was constantly bobbing to the in-game tunes. They're that good!

Tekken 5 has many different modes such as ‘Arcade' and ‘Story' that will keep most fighters occupied for some time. Just like VF4, you can gain money from fighting and use that to unlock different accessories for your fighters and customize them however you wish. I can't wait to get that eye patch for Paul Phoenix!

I have to warn all you Tekken vets (and even major console fighter players) that this game has the CHEAPEST most FRUSTRATING end boss EVER! I stress all those words in capitals because I've never ever experienced something like this in my life! Most shots go right though him, and he has no delay between moves at all. It also doesn't help that he can shoot a fireball out of the mouth he has in the middle of his chest that knocks off AT LEAST 50 per cent of your health! Namco should include a free controller with every game because I swear I've thrown my controller at least a hundred times.

Besides the cheap boss, I have to say I've had a ball with Tekken 5 and it feels good to be back playing fighting games. For those of you who really like bonuses with their games, be excited because Namco has also included that arcade versions of Tekken 1, 2 and 3 on this disc without having to unlock them. Excellent! (9.5 out of 10).
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