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Finally PPV is worth the money

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | November 7th, 2005

So many negative things are flying around the WWE this week (or at least as of the time of writing this.) Smackdown was another sub par show and I don't know why I continue to say that week after week. Mind you, it was nice to see the RAW presence make its impact.

Monday's RAW leading into Taboo Tuesday surely didn't do too much to entice viewers to buy the PPV. First off, announcing that Stone Cold wasn't going to appear on RAW or the PPV was a major blow. At least the WWE decided to be somewhat honest and inform the viewers before they ordered and announce it first thing during the broadcast. Stone Cold was supposedly angered that Mark Henry was supposed to be Coach's bodyguard for the match and interfere causing Coach to come away with the win. Now we get Batista just out of the blue for a rumble with Coach along with oldies Golddust and Vader. My head is spinning. That match wasn't built up enough to make people spend their dough on it.

Blow number two comes with Christian quitting the WWE. Yes, he was on RAW Monday and backstage at the PPV but unfortunately fans didn't vote him in. It could just be me, but I swear during the first match, the crowd started chanting “We want Christian” and the WWE turned down their fan mics. Any thoughts?

The PPV itself was SURPRISINGLY good. I thought that after Edge announced that he wasn't wrestling that the WWE just screwed people again with another match change. It may have been for the better because Matt Hardy & Rey Mysterio vs. Snitsky and Chris Masters was one of the better tag matches I've seen in a long time. Hardy and Mysterio both showed their value with this match.

Rob Conway and Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene and Superfly Jimmy Snucka was more or less a filler match and I really didn't care for it. Poor Superfly could hardly balance himself on the ropes before his finisher. The WWE should leave some of these older guys alone.

Carlito vs. Mankind was great because I love the Mankind character and Foley took some good bumps once again. It was funny how at the end, Foley just walks to the back like he was thinking, “okI did what I was paid to do and it makes no difference in any storyline. I wonder what's for dinner?”

I think it was pretty obvious before the show that the Big Show and Kane would be teaming up to win the RAW tag titles. The match was humorous but it's going to be interesting to see how the titles will be taken from the two giants.

Batista vs. The Coach, Golddust and Vader was actually entertaining and I'm actually surprised Batista came out on top. Smackdown 2 — RAW 0. I wonder how Eric Bischoff is going to react come Monday.

Ric Flair vs. HHH was a classic. This was one of the best cage matches I've ever seen. It was brutal. It was bloody. It was vulgar. I don't know how many times Flair used the F-bomb but to hear it clearly so many times was great! Flair and HHH sold each other so well in this match that it was one I couldn't even leave so I could get a beer from the fridge.

Kurt Angle vs. HBK vs. John Cena was a pretty damn good match, too. Everyone had excellent spots and the ending was good. Cena came out by the skin of his teeth and it's going to be interesting on Monday to hear the three participants rag on each other. I think we may see part two at Survivor Series (same with Flair/HHH part 2- Hell in the Cell).

Overall, the PPV was worth the money. It was one of the better PPVs of the year in my mind. I have to close by saying that the Diva Lingerie match was pure smooth butt heaven. I'd vote for that again any day.

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