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Police prep for parties

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 20th, 2009

Once again, Project LEARN is hitting the streets in an effort to minimize noise levels and provide safe neighbourhoods for the residents of London, Ontario.

This project is a collaborative effort, which involves the London Police Units, students, staff reps from the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College and also neighborhoods, housing mediators, landlords, bar owners and by-law enforcement, according to Police.

As the school year winds down, everyone is being reminded how to live cooperatively and responsibly among all neighbours in the city.

According to London Police, noise and liquor complaints are some of the main concern for residents and persons are asked to be respectful of their community as the completion of another school year comes to a close.

Officers will primarily focus their efforts on Fanshawe College's campus, Richmond Row and the University of Western Ontario to ensure safety for all residents.

To date, Police have sent letters to surrounding areas acknowledging that persons follow proper protocol and do not disturb the peace.

The officers primarily focused their issues around noise disturbances, liquor violations and damage control as these were the main concerns both at the beginning of the school year and presently.

Project LEARN's latest crackdown was in the Fall 2008. From August 28 to October 4, police laid 130 Criminal Code charges and 1,448 Provincial Offence Act charges and by-law offences. Of those 1,578 charges, 1,105 were either Fanshawe or Western students.
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