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Grads pump up the Volume

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 20th, 2009

Third year graduating class of the Fine Arts program at Fanshawe definitely has something to be excited about.

Through April 9-26 the grads showcased their artwork at the McIntosh Gallery located at the University of Western Ontario's campus.

The art exhibit, which was titled ‘Volume', was a big hit as eager go seers showed up on April 14 for a free student guided tour of the gallery.

Nathaniel Gordon is a third year graduating student who presented the artwork on displays for the highly anticipated showing.

Like many other fine art students at Fanshawe, Gordon started by experimenting with live drawings in his first year of studies.

“In second year of the program we (students) moved more into sculpting...and by third year...we are defined as artists,” said Gordon.

The exhibition featured artwork by 30 students who have completed the required three-year diploma in fine studio art at Fanshawe. The program included works in acrylic, oil and watercolor paintings, graphite designs, digital photography, bound books, video and sculpture, which was all displayed at the gallery.

Choosing paintings as his passion, Gordon's magnificent art piece was the high light of the exhibit as he captured the true essence of someone dedicated to their craft.

Some people are born great artists and others have to strive to become something they only dream of.

According to Gordon, artists of all levels begin their careers at Fanshawe.

“Anyone can go into the program and not have to know art in order to be good at it,” he said. “The faculty will teach you what you need to know.”

According to Gordon, third year students the option of deciding what they preferred to showcase for the general public to view at the exhibit.

“Third year is free range. We come up with our own ideas and concepts, choose whatever medium we want to work in and the teachers give us tips and support to help us make the most of what we come up with,” Gordon said.

The ‘Volume' art exhibit exuded excellence in fine art, which was enjoyed by the many people who came to view it.

The McIntosh Art gallery at Western University is the second largest university art gallery in Canada. Built in 1942, it presently showcased an estimated 3,000 pieces of art with an estimated 600 displayed around the university campus today.

The gallery is funded by the University of Western Ontario and also partially by the Government of Ontario's Arts Council.
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