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Student apathay still strong

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | News | April 20th, 2009

The Student Action Movement (SAM) gathered local politicians at Fanshawe to rally for an end to student voter apathy.

On April 15, SAM made their debut in Forwell Hall where students, faculty and local political representatives gathered to discuss the importance of the Canadian political system and the significance of the student vote.

The Mayor of London Anne Marie DeCicco-Best, Irene Mathyssen, NDP London- Fanshawe MP and Gina, Barber who sits on the Board of Control for the City of London, showed their support for SAM and shared their extensive wisdom during the hour-long discussion on the importance of voting in our country.

“I think today we realized how hard it is to get students out,” Denis Vidmar, President of SAM, said.

Few students took the initiative to ask the panel questions regarding the political system in Canada.

During the open discussion, Mathyssen stressed the importance of politics and how it impacts everything in our daily lives.

“I absolutely agree that every individual should vote,” she added during the discussion.

SAM is a student operated Political Organization that works on behalf of the student body at Fanshawe College. It is composed of a dedicated team of students fighting for student issues everywhere.
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