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JASS providing opportunity for artists work to be exposed

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 21st, 2009

JASS, a Volunteer Committee to Museum London is having a first ever art sale and show and is looking for artists to submit the best of their work.

This year's event will open at Museum London and online at the same time.

“JASS London is a juried art show and sale organized by the Volunteer Committee to Museum London,” explained Sophie Skaith, president of the volunteer committee to Museum London.

“This event allows artists to have their work displayed in Museum London during the show and in the on-line catalogue for a year at The aim of JASS is to give London and area artists more exposure. All of the work accepted into the show is for sale.”

The event, beginning October 22 will run through to October 25 during gallery hours. The show will feature both a physical paper catalogue and an on-line catalogue.

The best piece of art will receive $500 for their submission for the art show and sale, mentioned Skaith.

Artists are to submit a maximum of two pieces of art. The deadline for submissions is October 2 and work is to be submitted online.

The maximum size for artists work if it is two-dimensional is 40 inches by 50 inches or 2000 square inches.

As to what the judges are distinctively looking for varies from artist to artist, mentioned Skaith.

“Every judge has different criteria. An example might be a work of art that makes you stop and reflect. Another might be to look at how the work of art reflects our world today,” Skaith said.

After submissions have been made the works of art are compiled into a data base from which the jury will then select the works that are to be displayed.

The final judging will not happen until the final pieces of art are hung up on the wall at the gallery.

Members of the jury include Ihor Holubizky, Madeline Lemon and Kim Moodie.

Skaith suggested to all artists submitting work to “make sure their work is properly labeled when it is ready for display.”

The only mission of the Volunteer Committee to Museum London is to raise funds for the purchase of works of art for Museum London. In order to operate to accomplish this, the Volunteer Committee to Museum London operates The Gallery Shop, the Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Art and Travel tours. Special projects such as JASS London, JASS, Java and Jazz will be in full swing on October 23, and the Wearable Art Show on October 24 and 25.

If you require further information regarding any one of the upcoming art shows, please visit or
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