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How family ties led to rockstar reality

Rose Cora Perry and Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | September 21st, 2009

Playing together since '97, the members of sibling-based Winnipeg rock band, Inward Eye, are happy to no longer have to slug away at the typical 9-5. Signed in 2006 to J Records, a subsidiary of Sony, the trio began their humble dreams of rockstardom, like so many others, “jamming with their buddies in their parents' garage.”

Thankfully coming from a household which encouraged the arts and doing what one loves in life, Kyle Erickson, the group's guitarist recollects fondly that their “house was always filled with music growing up.” To this, Dave, Inward Eye's frontman (and the eldest of the three), added that the group's motivation and determination to get off of the sidelines and make things happen for themselves largely stemmed from five simple encouraging words offered by their parents: “never care what anyone says.”

Though, like any aspiring indie act, things have not always seemed as promising as they do at present for the three young brothers. Since being signed to J Records, Inward Eye has landed support slots opening for Flogging Molly and Our Lady Peace, not to mention has made appearances at Warped Tour as well as Canadian Music Week, one of Canada's largest music conferences (held annually in Toronto each spring) intended to place fresh talent in front of the biz's movers and shakers.

Describing their shows as “fast-paced, sweaty, and filled with a whole lot of heart,” the three rock'n'rollers claim influence from the classics, particularly Brit bands like The Who and Small Faces. Comparable to pop-punkers Green Day in terms of their stage flare and sound, it's no wonder they've had such success in developing a solid fanbase across Canada. Considered a local favourite among the frequenters of Norma Jeans, Dave couldn't express the group's appreciation enough for the support, and concluded by stating that, “they cannot wait to come back and play [here again in London].”

While examples like the infamous spats between the Gallagher brothers have shown us all that mixing business and family is not always the most recommended of prospects, rather than allowing their tempers to get the best of them or having petty familial conflicts get in the way of their art, it is evident in their working relationship that Inward Eye has learned to openly embrace the principle of “brotherly love.”

As explained in the eldest member's own words, “working alongside my brothers is really the only thing I know…musically [speaking] we all have the same background…which helps tremendously when performing on stage. There are, of course, times when tempers between all three of us flare…but we're siblings, so I guess it's easier to find a solution and move on.”

With a hit single in the works, two professional music videos just released, and no signs of slowing down in the touring vein, the members of Inward Eye are certainly justified in their claim that, “being a Canadian touring band is the best way to live your life.”

For upcoming tour dates or to check out their tunes, please visit the band's official website located at

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