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No longer between a rock and a hard place, varsity curling makes a comeback at Fanshawe

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Sports | September 21st, 2009

Out of the Fanshawe spotlight for the past 15 years, curling eased its way back to be part of the school's varsity level teams this winter.

A lack of funding, according to Mike Lindsay, manager of athletics at Fanshawe College, was the primary cause as to why the school had to cut curling in the 1990s. But newly appointed head coach Darren Chapman could not be more pleased to be spearheading rock throwing this winter.

“I am very excited to be getting back out on the ice,” said Chapman about coaching the men's and women's curling teams. “I have been coaching for the last 10 years and have been trying to get Fanshawe's curling team back since I started here five years ago,” he joked.

According to Chapman, curling attracts individuals who want to be competitive in a sport.

“Curling is a skilled activity, a game of endurance, a game that involves strategic thinking,” he said.

A curling team is made up of four players. The game uses stones, which weigh 44 pounds each and are specially shaped to better ease with the gliding process.

The strategic game, as Chapman put it, involves creative thinking on all players' part. The activity involves balance, skill and a lot of patience in order to outsmart the other team.

The head coach insists curling requires a certain type of individual and will in fact be looking for just the right athlete to fit this role.

“I have never met a curler who wasn't a nice person…this sport attracts really, really nice people.”

According to Lindsay, Fanshawe consists of some of the finest curling players around.

Both Lindsay and Chapman are certain this year's teams will excel.

“There is just so much talent at our school (Fanshawe),” said Lindsay.

“Fanshawe has a history of having great athletic teams. No doubt in my mind we will have a national championship at this school,” insisted Chapman.

Aside from participating on a national level team, Chapman stressed the players take this sport very seriously and attend “performance camps” throughout the summer months to help with their endurance.

Chapman credited Jonathan Hillis, past Fanshawe Student Union president with his assistance last year in gaining the financial aid through the FSU for a curling team to be a possibility this winter season.

If you or anyone you know is a passionate individual who possesses patience, skill and is a great team player come and be part of something special.

Chapman is looking for individuals who have the ability to be a leader and lead their team to victory at games.

“I am looking for someone who can rally the team, someone who will be a good ambassador to the college and to the OCAA...just an overall nice person.”

Tryouts are yet to be determined as coaches wait for Highland Country Club arena in London to get ice. Interested curlers are highly encouraged to sign up at the Athletics office in J1034.
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