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Fanshawe student wins silver medal at golf championship

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Sports | October 19th, 2009

Playing golf for the past nine years has definitely paid off for Fanshawe's Taylor Booth, a second year Business student who captured the OCAA men's golfing silver medal.

On October 7, Booth played a tremendous game of golf at the OCAA championships hosted by Niagara College at Lochness Links in Welland, Ontario. Despite the poor weather conditions on the second day, Booth suggested to other golf athletes they should “always be prepared no matter what the weather may be like.”

Having entered the day with a two-shot lead after nearing an all-time OCAA record 67 on Tuesday, Booth commented on feeling “good” about his performance and admitted “it was a privilege to do this for (Fanshawe).”

Unfortunately Booth shot an 80 in the final round and lost the gold medal to Mike Zizek of Humber College who shot a 75 in the final round. Despite finishing second Booth is proud of his accomplishment in receiving the silver medal having never played that course before.

Mike Lindsay, manager of Athletics at Fanshawe agreed it was “fabulous to watch Taylor play…and how much he has improved. Taylor is the talk among the rest of the Falcons. (Taylor) has risen to the top.”
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