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Terrible smackdown show proves fight spoilers are a good thing

Peter W | Interrobang | Sports | November 14th, 2005

Wrestling this week was a little slow coming off the heels of the Taboo Tuesday PPV and starting the Survivor Series hype. The big story here is the whole RAW vs. Smackdown elimination match to crown the most dominant roster and WWE show. I don't need a match to tell me that: It's RAW!

When I started to watch Smackdown this week, I decided I'd read through the spoilers first just to see if I should go with my instinct to pass on the show. I'm glad I did because Smackdown played out almost exactly like the Smackdown the week before.

Ric Flair vs. HHH in a last man standing match was announced for the Survivor Series. I'm really looking forward to it because if you saw the cage match at Taboo Tuesday, you know these two will give it their all in another bloody battle. If you missed the last match, make sure you rent Taboo Tuesday when its out on DVD. Hell, the match is enough reason to purchase the DVD.

I loved that Joey Styles was announcing on RAW. Just like at Taboo Tuesday, he was doing such a great job and bouncing off the King so well that I really didn't miss Jim Ross! I know it sounds strange but it was the first time that another announcing team didn't make me cringe. I still don't really like Michael Cole and Tazz on Smackdown; they're ok, but the two of them together still bothers me.

Did anyone else think the whole Kurt Angle “You Suck” segment on RAW went a little too long? It really didn't do anything for the show.

Trevor Murdoch should put on a shirt! And why is Lance Cade with him? I don't think I've seen Murdoch do one kind of wrestling move or hold yet. Perhaps I always just ignore him and don't notice. Can someone please let me know?

I'm going to guess that one of the members on the Big Show/Kane team will get frustrated with the other and turn on them, which would start a tag tournament to see who will win the vacant championship. Any other takers on that one?

I'll finish this week's column by saying that after the reaming out that Vince McMahon gave Eric Bischoff last week about his guys losing to the Smackdown teams, Bischoff would have come into Monday night with sheer rage in his eyes. I think Bischoff should have brought in two huge guys or used Kane and The Big Show as goons to punish those who lost to Smackdown grapplers. I just think he went too soft — I thought heads were going to roll. Instead, he sends Edge to Smackdown for a night. Yah!
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