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Green Living: Enjoy winter weather the green way

Sharla Paino | Interrobang | Opinion | January 11th, 2010

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Canada has been labelled as an extremely disappointing contributor to gas emission decrease goals. This basically means we are far less eco-friendly than other countries around the globe and it is almost embarrassing what this country is bringing to the table to help stop climate change. Hope is not totally lost, however, as we can each individually do our part in helping to lower the footprint left on our environment by the red maple leaf.

As the snows covered our trees, lawns, cars and driveways, nature almost gives us a little wink wink nudge nudge as to how we can live joyfully in the winter without damage to the environment. The heavy blanket of icy snow covering our vehicles encourages us to stay close to home and reduce the use of our ever polluting car gasses. The freshly frozen rinks of ice that can be found in Victoria Park and at the Covent Garden Market beg us to slap on some skates for a game of ice hockey or a playful glide followed by a warm sip of hot chocolate. Tranquil forest trails and steep snowy hills like those found at Harris Park invite skis, snowboards and sleds to use their services for our enjoyment.


All of these winter activities are so underrated, so fun and so eco-friendly. Most people shy away from the sports of this season because of the cold temperatures and the ease of curling up comfortably inside, but this feeling can be easily overcome by thoughts of fun to be had in the snow as well as dressing warmly for the weather.

If winter weather and snow is still not your thing, take a little time to enjoy the beauty of the falling snowflakes from inside your own home with the company of friends and a hot cup of coffee or tea. If each friend hosts an “energy” party once a week, where they open their home for the other friends in the group, the remaining uninhabited homes of those friends can be left with the heat down and light off to save energy. Not only does this idea bring groups of friends together to share a laugh, game or some food over the cold winter nights, but it saves each individual from having to crank up their own heat once a week to keep warm in the cold weather. To take some of the pressure off the host, the parties can be a pot luck with a “local ingredient” theme. This will encourage each party member to eat locally (saving product transportation and supporting local farms) and give other members recipe ideas of their own.

Winter activities and energy parties are just two great ways to keep warm and have fun this winter without harming the earth and damaging out climate. So, don't get the winter blues, enjoy the weather as it is and help to keep it this way, because if climate change occurs, it could mean the end of winter fun.
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