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On the road with Falcon hoopsters

Josiah Gouin | Interrobang | Sports | January 11th, 2010

A winning team is defined by the success of that team, and how the players work as a team. Road games prove to be the truest test for teams. When they play in a different gym, atmosphere, and have a crowd cheering against them, now you are against the odds.

I had the opportunity to travel with the guys to Sarnia to get a feel of how the team interacts on the road, as well as how the team produces outside of the Falcon's nest.

First I have to say all the guys on the team were very welcoming and full of laughs. I was assuming players would be all serious and quiet with their game faces, but the majority of them were just having fun. Some slept while some studied to maintain those good grades that decide your outcome of whether or not you're on the team. Some laughed and caught up with stories, but all of them knew what they needed to get done that particular night.

With Fanshawe having an undefeated record it makes you wonder what the roots to this team are, and the reason why they are producing so well.

First off they have an excellent coach, Glenn Johnston, who has wisdom and knowledge of the game and has a serious focus on developing players to their full-potential. Second it's the players and how they work as a team on and off the court. Keeping everyone focused and still being able to have fun is the most important aspect to being that “team” and when you can go into a different school and be able to control the outcome than you will be able to become victorious in your works. Watching the guys come into the Lambton building and silence the crowd was pretty cool and was even better when they came out strong and finished strong.

On the way home I talked to a few of the players and they all said the same thing “away games aren't our favourite but we love going into the opposing team's school and showing them up.” I am very impressed with how the guys show their hard work and dedication on the floor and how they make the meaning of teamwork a reality in their play.
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