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New Year, better results top resolution for volleyball squads

Matt Gauthier | Interrobang | Sports | January 11th, 2010

The New Year is upon us and it would seem that it is a time of change. The New Year is when resolutions are made, when people turn a new leaf, when the world seems to be a different place. We feel as if we can take on the world, like no challenge can confront us. And as the Christmas break is done and past, the volleyball teams are itching and ready to step off of the practice court and onto the game court.

“We had a very difficult first semester,” said men's head coach Josh Westgate. “We were a little inconsistent, great results in tournament play but just couldn't win that important set during the regular season. We still have high expectations, but we are taking one game at a time.”

Both volleyball teams did workout routines and practice during the break. For the women, it meant coming to school early to start training during the break. For the men it meant individual workouts and practice schedules to keep up on their physical shape and their volleyball skills.

“We play our whole second semester schedule in less than a month, so we will have a lot of work to do,” noted Westgate. “We have three weeks of training and then we are right into it. If we get hot at the right time we could have a very successful semester.”

Prior to exams and the beginning of the break, the men and women marched down to Ancaster, where they went into the Redeemer gym to face off against the Redeemer Royals. Unfortunately neither the men nor the women could manage to pull off a win against the Royals.

“We came together against Redeemer and didn't give up. Being down two sets to none against one of the best teams we fought back to tie it at two sets a piece and then we had a really slow start in the fifth,” said Westgate. “We were down 9-3 and battled back to 13-11, but ultimately fell. We fought hard — Redeemer is a very difficult place to play, they have their whole student body at the game cheering. We did show signs of inconsistency with our slow starts in the first, second and fifth set, but all in all we played very well.”

We have a little over a month left to watch the volleyball teams. Will they win? Will they lose? Only time will tell, but if the men can pull together, and get an early huge win, then they will push even harder towards provincials.
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