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A modern look at love

Ivana Pelisek | Interrobang | Lifestyles | February 1st, 2010

First premiering in Chicago in 2001, The last Five Years, has come a long way to reach audiences in North America.

Exploring the lives of two New Yorkers, this one-act performance involves the lives of Jamie Wellerstein, a novelist and Cathy Hyatt, a struggling actress.

A uniquely outlined plot has Hyatt re-telling the story backwards while Wellerstein works in chronological order.

Hyatt cannot imagine what her life would be like without the love of her life Wellerstein, whereas he is more concerned with making it as a successful published writer.

Not being able to see eye-to-eye the two go back and forth debating whether their relationship will last and if they can go another 10 life times together as one.

Surprising twists and a questionable future, The last Five Years takes a modern, witty look at love, lust and making it work against all odds.

The last Five Years plays at The Grand Theater until February 6. For further information regarding ticket purchases please visit
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