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Punk's alive and well with The Lucky Ones

Rose Cora Perry | Interrobang | Lifestyles | March 15th, 2010

This past Friday, I broke out my dancing shoes. Well, think more like bitchin' army boots instead of wingtips, a legendary rock'n'roll venue known by its diehards by the simple abbreviation CTO instead of a Sadie Hawkins dance, and pogo moshing as opposed to swing, and you get a more accurate picture.

Though Steve Stumble, head of indie punk label Stumble Records, the brains behind St. Kitt's famed SCENE music fest and the former frontman of Sick Boys, is self-proclaimed “too old for this shit,” his latest raw and raunchy outfit, The Lucky Ones, proved without a doubt that what they say is true: “punk's not dead.”

Obnoxious, in-your-face, and oozing with that one and only “fuck the world mentality” characteristic of roots punk, highlights of the night included, among others, the performance of a 30 second track entitled, quite simply, Your Mom's a Man.

Joined on stage and in the studio by fellow veterans of Canada's underground, Robbie Knuckles (bass), the Dr. Chris Nowicki (guitar), and Matt 3 Pack Murphy (drums), The Lucky Ones' debut, The Booze Sessions, will be released on Stumble's own DIY label later this year.

As the crowd's enthusiastic formation into a circle pit proved, despite having not formerly toured since the days of Rancid's And Out Come the Wolves, The Lucky Ones and London's own psychobilly kings, The Matadors, were on equal footing. Rarely does an opening act have what it takes to overshadow a given bill's headliner; The Lucky Ones are such a band.

While I, like Stumble, may proclaim I'm getting too up there for the kind of debauchery that the punk scene entails, I swear there's no comparison when it comes to a good punk show in terms of bringing out the best (and the teenage animosity) in anyone.

For more information on The Lucky Ones and the Stumble Records' family, check out the official site located at:
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