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L.O.O.K. out world!

Rose Cora Perry | Interrobang | News | September 27th, 2010

Whether you subscribe to the 2012 Mayan prophecies, look to the current economic crisis, or consider our seriously detrimental reliance on that icky black substance that comes from the decomposition of ancient critters, I think it's fairly evident that if we hope to maintain a sustainable existence where we're living in harmony and not discord, with the rest of nature, adaptation (not to go too Darwinian, on you) is NECESSARY.

A step in the right direction is Locally Organized Organic Knowledge, an event created by Jamie Hume and Fanshawe's own arts student Jessica Conlon.

L.O.O.K. is the latest in local initiatives championing dual goals of community-integration and environmentally-sound living. This upcoming October 2 between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., L.O.O.K. in conjunction with the Old East Village Community Association, Waste-Free World, the Thames Region Ecological Association and the Western Fair Farmers' Market, will be sponsoring the Forest City's premier Waste-Free Eco-fest and Unity Round Table in Queen's Park (925 Dundas St., Western Fairgrounds, London).

Described by Hume as an opportunity to "commune with nature through various arts," L.O.O.K.'s fest will feature everything from visual arts and crafts, to dramatic performances, puppetry, spoken word and, of course, local music including guest performances by Rusty Water and the Broken Troubadours, More More, Easy P & Buddah Bounce, Justin Maki, Sara Westbrook and Tiffany Blom, among others.

Local organic farmers and prepared food vendors, charities, food banks, environmental organizations and agencies related to the health and education of the environment and sustainability, along with merchants, "whose products and business practices demonstrate that they are making a significant effort in this area," have also been invited to participate.

With no printed tickets, the onus on vendors to leave their stations garbage-free, and even a performance stage specially engineered to be powered entirely by bicycle, L.O.O.K. rightly deserves to designate their fete as the "first of its kind." Free to both audiences and vendors alike (minus a refundable liability deposit), and open to all age groups, other unique components include a farmers' market scavenger hunt, a raffle comprised of prizes crafted from recycled materials and an opportunity for artists of all media to "serenade" Queens Park's old growth forest.

L.O.O.K.'s purpose goes well beyond the realm of the personal (or municipal) to the political however: feedback obtained through the Unity Round Table discussions hosted at the event will be compiled, and recommendations from you and your fellow Forest City residents will be forwarded to the appropriate local, provincial or federal political representatives to give an added voice to OUR community.

In the words of Hume, L.O.O.K.'s event "is about honouring [the environment] we are in a relationship with from the beginning to the end of our lives;" after all, as she points out, "we breathe together."
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