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The Girls Can Hear Us want you to dance

Ishmael N. Daro | The Sheaf | Lifestyles | September 27th, 2010

SASKATOON (CUP) — The Girls Can Hear Us are not shy about partying. Their lyrics don't allow them such modesty.

"I feel like doing some drugs tonight," said vocalist Will Steep in one song. "I feel like doing it up tonight. I feel like taking you out and I feel like laying you down, alright?"

Sex and drugs are present, but is it rock 'n' roll? Perhaps in attitude, but, musically, TGCHU is a mix of bass-heavy electronica with Steep's lyrical debauchery layered overtop.

"I actually think promiscuity is a valid and moral lifestyle choice if you do it honestly," said Steep. "I'm not embarrassed that we're having too much fun. I'm not embarrassed that I've been promiscuous."

A TGCHU song typically starts with Edmond Huszar producing some catchy beats and sending them over to Steep, who then writes the appropriate party anthem to go with it. In the song Drugs, Dancin', Steep implores us to "break your neck to the beat" while the title of another song is simply Fuck to This.

Yet despite the confidence with which the duo presents itself, TGCHU has only been around since 2009 when Huszar and Steep attended the same school in London, Ont. One fateful bus ride to campus allowed them to strike up a conversation and within weeks they were making music together.

Since then, TGCHU have grown their fan base rather quickly, mostly by giving their tunes away for free. Influential music blogs, like Indie Shuffle and, have praised their music and several TGCHU songs have appeared on the Popular page of Hype Machine, an online music aggregator.

"We give away three times as many songs as we try to sell," said Steep, adding that touring and merchandise make more money than album sales.

Their debut album Every Day came out in April and Steep says the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, far exceeding his hopes.

"The feedback has been phenomenal," he said. "Given the fact that really all we did was tweet about it and throw it on our Facebook page, it's been incredible. I figured we'd make a few hundred bucks and we've done much better than that."

TGCHU will be in London at Downtown Kathy Brown's at 228 Dundas St. on November 26.
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