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Pete's Top 10 albums of 2005

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 9th, 2006

Hey there, ladies and gentlemen. I want to wish you all a happy New Year and want to welcome you back to Fanshawe. It's that time again to pick my best of the year. Remember, these are MY picks from the CDs that I actually purchased this year. Most of these I've reviewed already and for those I haven't, believe me, they're coming. If you want to read the whole review, go to the Interrobang's website and read the past reviews. If you wanna make a little list to share with others, please send them in.

Last year, the mighty Mastodon took my number one slot with their masterpiece, Leviathan. This year, the band will be releasing their major label debut, and I can't wait. Let's see the countdown this year.

First off, the honorable mentions that didn't make the list but were pretty good CDs: Weezer's Make Believe, Black Dahlia Murder's Miasma, Nine Inch Nails' With Teeth, and A Dozen Furies' A Concept From Fire. These were all good albums, but I wasn't 100 per cent sold.

10. The Dandy Warhols — Odditorim or Warlords of Mars. Good tunes, although some may be a little longer than needed. A great step back in the right direction from the band.

9. Devildriver — The Fury of Our Maker's Hand. Another great album by these guys filled with smokin' riffs, good drum work and that great headbanging feel.

8. Life Of Agony — Broken Valley. Back after almost 10 years, the boys really pulled a pretty good album out of their creative minds. Not as solid as some of their earlier stuff, but I think the best is yet to come.

7. Nonpoint — To the Pain. Another excellent album from these hard rock/metal groove rockers. I had to import it because it's not on any major label and I suggest you do the same or get it from eBay. A solid, solid disc.

6. Static-X — Start a War. It may be more of the same, but this is most relentless disc from these guys since their debut. If you wanna night of just banging your head, get this one.

5. Chimaira — Chimaira. Their third (major) disc brings an old school metal approach to the band's sound. Long 5-min. songs accompanied by smoking guitar solos bring this band closer to classic band status.

4. Korn — See You on the Other Side. The biggest departure or change from their classic sound can be heard on this disc. The review is coming, but right now, I'm saying that this is an amazing disc. Some fans may be put off, but I love it.

3. System of a Down — Hypnotize. The second disc of the year from the band, but this one totally wallops the previously released Mezmerize. A good front to back System album that you expect from the guys.

2. Opeth — Ghost Reveries. My review of this one is coming, too, but I got this over the Christmas break after my buddy played it for me. I just have to say that it's one of the best discs I've heard in years but you'll need 22 minutes of your life just to get through the first two tracks. A masterpiece.

1. Foo Fighters — In Your Honor. You have to be gutsy to release a double CD with one acoustic disc and one rock disc. You have to be even more gutsy to release the same thing but with DVD audio and deluxe packaging. Another excellent front to back album from the Foos once again allows them to take the top spot in my books. I shake my head when I hear people say these guys suck. But then again, if you like Billy Talent, Alexis on Fire or most Hip Hop on the charts these days, you obviously don't know what music is. BAM! Ooops…there goes one of my new year's resolutions: to be more tolerant in this column. Sorry. Send on the complaints!

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