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See you at the music store buying the new Korn album

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 16th, 2006

Some think that Korn have pigeonholed themselves into a certain sound. You buy a Korn CD and you know you're going to get their trademarked sound, they'll be a few good songs and you'll be happy. If you're expecting the same from this release, you'll be pleasantly shocked. See You on the Other Side is Korn's most radical departure away from their other releases (except the more hip-hop feel of Follow the Leader.)

KornWhat's so different? Well, while you do get Jonathan Davis' instantly recognizable vocal stylings, you will also hear his most diverse performance to date. He sings better than ever on this disc and tries some new patterns and melodies that have never been on a Korn record before.

As for the music, Korn is still using their heavily downtuned style, but there are less of their mysterious guitar “pings.” Instead you are treated to some slickly layered guitars and excellent filler melodies that sound more mature. Fieldy's bass sounds like it has finally grown up as well. The slap sound that he's known for has been replaced with a thicker straight ahead approach.

All the elements are tied into the music alongside the whole industrial feel of many of the songs. Some people are complaining on the net about Korn writing songs that sound like they're Nine Inch Nail throwaways, but I couldn't disagree more. I think the industrial sound direction makes people turn their heads and allow Korn to keep their fans, critics and haters second-guessing.

The majority of the songs on this release are pretty solid. The lead single, “Twisted Transistor,” as well as “Politics,” “10 or a 2-Way,” and “Liar” are probably my faves at this point and should be checked out by fans of heavy music or those who want to see what Korn is up to these days.

The deluxe edition is the real buy for this release. Not only do you get the 14 songs off of the regular edition, but you also get a bonus disc with three b-sides (“Eaten Up Inside” and “It's Me Again” should have been on the regular CD because they're so good), two remixes and two live videos. The deluxe version also has amazing packaging and artwork.

The deluxe edition also includes a one year membership to the Korn fan club. There isn't too much content on the site right now, but they promise a lot of exclusive stuff in the future, and the layout of the site isn't too bad, either.

Some may not know what to think of this disc from one listen. But after playing it numerous times throughout the holidays I can say that I really enjoyed this CD and if you have an open mind, let Korn take you on a really wicked musical journey. 9 out of 10.

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