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DVD Review: Hungry for more Aqua Teen DVDs?

Peter W | Interrobang | Lifestyles | January 16th, 2006

It's been a long time waiting, but we Aqua Teen Hunger Force fans can finally see the season four episodes. Teletoon is only playing episodes from the first three seasons and while the season four episodes have been viewed on the Cartoon Network for about a year, we never had the chance to continue laughing at the crazed food team and their neighbor, Carl.

Not much is too different in this season: running gags, twisted and nonsensical plots continue to be the norm, but what is different is the inclusion of more vulgarity (which is, unfortunately, bleeped like South Park) and a hell of a lot more violence and death. Seeing how most of the shows (which run about 10-12 minutes in length) never have anything to do with one another, you can watch Carl and Master Shake get destroyed numerous times throughout season four.

The extras on this volume seem to be the best yet. You can watch the actors read a script in their true Aqua Teen voices; watch fan art and listen to fans cover the theme song (a real neat 10 minute bonus); view funny trailers for the show; and watch a “making of” documentary. Good stuff!

The bad thing about this season set is the little joke that the producers included: when you normally select the “play all” function on a DVD set, you get to watch the episodes back-to-back without having to go back to the menu screen. Not here. If you hit “play all” you go to a screen with little windows that are simultaneously playing all the episodes on the DVD. I laughed at first but now I can't stand it! GRRRRRR!

There's not too much more to say about this collection. If you've seen the show, you either totally love it or you hate it — there's no real in between with Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Be prepared to not laugh uncontrollably throughout this season like you did through the other ones because like I said, with the more violent edge the shows don't rely as much on their absurd dialogue, although there are many great quotes to be found here as well.

There are great laugh out loud moments, don't get me wrong, but I found myself watching this season with a huge grin and some occasional outbursts instead of having to stop the episodes because I'm hurting so much from laughing. BRAVO! 9 out of 10

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