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Roses are red, yellow and ...

Alisha Bhardwaj | Interrobang | Opinion | February 14th, 2011

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Valentine's Day is a very special day in everyone's life, and many people try to do something special or unique.

A tradition that has been part of Valentine's Day for many years is giving roses. In every country or culture, roses are a very special gift that is given to a person you love. Feelings of love can be expressed by these roses through non-verbal language. The exotic range of roses helps a person in expressing his or her feelings. Different colours of roses have different meanings.

Red roses announce love. They signify deep and long-lasting passion for each other. In ancient times, a single red rose was a symbol of the Roman goddess Venus. Roses are a great source of inspiration for artists such as poets and artists. A red rose speaks everything without saying anything.

Yellow roses stand for freedom, friendship and happiness. These roses are one of the best ways for sending good wishes to newlyweds, new mothers or graduates. Sending yellow roses to your love signifies that you are happy with your relationship.

Pink roses can have a variety of meanings, depending on their shade. Pale pink roses add grace and gentleness in a relationship; light pink roses indicate happiness and fun; and deep pink roses say thank you. Deep pink roses are also a symbol of fight against breast cancer.

Lilac roses are the best way of expressing love at first sight. They are generally given when a person has fallen in love with another person at their first meeting.

White roses are a symbol of peace, innocence and truth. They generally mean "I miss you;" however, this is the only flower which has double meaning: innocence and jealousy. It's better if you attach a note with this rose.

A dead rose or black rose signifies that a relationship is over.

The colour is your choice, but a classic thing to give on Valentine's Day is a red rose, as love is not measured by material pleasure but by feelings.
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